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Vote for the 'Most investor-friendly city'!
The most investor-friendly Polish cities are to be recognised for the first time in the five-year history of the Eurobuild Awards. Ten major cities will participate in a ‘beauty pageant,’ where they will show off their assets and will ...

As every year we could count on high level of interest for becoming a jury member. We have gathered in the total of 181 jury members. We are happy that most of this year’s jury members have been with us since we launched the Awards. On the ...

We are pleased to announce that the registration process for the Eurobuild Awards 2014 has now been completed. Thank you to all those involved in the process. Well done! The voting process will begin in the coming days. This year, 181 professionals ...

Eurobuild jointly with the "I've got a dream" fundation has granted a dream of Małgosia
The coordinator of the auction, Fundacja Mam Marzenie (the ‘I Have a Dream’ foundation), grants wishes to children with life-threatening conditions, with the help of volunteers and donors. This summer, for example, eight children ...

 Eurobuild Awards: Trip to Disneyland thanks to Eurobuild Awards gala
“To spend a few days in Disneyland in France,” this is what a group of children was wishing for some time ago. We have helped to fulfill this very special dream by having a charity auction at the Eurobuild Awards gala last year. Just to ...


The Eurobuild Awards Gala 2014 will take place on ...

Vote for the Most investor-friendly city!

Łódź 18-11-2014 10:14:58
Łódź is unique and one of the kind City in Poland in terms of culture and architecture. It struggles with economical and investment downfall and stagnation for the last 20 years. Now it rejuvenates with many undergoing strategic investments that will show its rediscovered business advantages and potential. The City is better than many people might think, but in couple of years it will be obvious.
Łódź 14-11-2014 08:13:26
DEfinitely Łódź - now coming back to the FIRST LEAGUE of Polish Cities, thanks to many improvements, biggest investment budget. This City really changes its image.
Wroc?aw 13-11-2014 19:28:51
Wroc?aw the meeting place
Łódź 12-11-2014 13:07:05
Lodz is a fantastic city. Its economy and wealth destroyed after transformation period in 1989, it's re-emerging as a fantastic place for investment. Lodz is also rapidly improving its image and creating buzz across the world thanks to being among the biggest street art hubs in the world.
Katowice 12-11-2014 08:12:24
Beautiful city!
Szczecin 31-10-2014 13:37:49
best opportunities, best locations and openess of the city
Szczecin 31-10-2014 13:37:22
best opportunites and openess!
Warszawa 29-10-2014 11:54:00
Warszawa miastem marze?! :)
Warszawa 27-10-2014 11:29:56
najlepsze miasto!
Warszawa 21-10-2014 20:10:48
Warsaw is so beautiful if you asking me

Eurobuild Awards gala 2013


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